An oasis for foreign tourists close by kyoto station. Hotel booking today Japaneedz.Cafe Open10:00-Close22:00 Please give call>>CLICK HERE!! 075-606-1286 Is there anything we can do for you?
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What's Japaneedz.Cafe?1,Looking for a hotel HOTEL Make a reservation for tonight. 99% guarantee! Don't worry! Detail check>>2,Best sightseeing schedule We got it! Our staff can speak English and We have a lot of tourism information. Detailcheck>>3,Hungry,feel thirsty Light meal and drink sitting on a comfortable sofa. Detailcheck>>4,Heavy luggage Reasonable baggage storage and going out immidiately. Detailcheck>>5,Inconvenient for using internet. Reasonable wireless LAN rental and Free Wi-Fi spot. Detailcheck>>

Who's master? Masa Yaguchi Birthday : Nov.24th Age : 37 Blood type : B Constellation : Sagittarius Resemble : Peter Fonda
I'm Masa living in Kobe.
I love good food,anime and manga.
I'm studying English hard for everyone
from overseas.
I wear chic color clothes at
Japaneedz-cafe,but I like colorfull
clothes on my private.
"Simple and Colorfull" is my favorite motto.



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