An oasis for foreign tourists close by kyoto station. Hotel booking today Japaneedz.Cafe Open10:00-Close22:00 Please give call>>CLICK HERE!! 075-606-1286 Is there anything we can do for you?
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Japaneedz.Cafe food menu All\390 Japaneedz.Cafe food menu Japanese traditional food YAKISOBA...Stir friend Japaneedz.Cafe food menu Japanese traditional food KITSUNE-UDON...Udon with deep fried Japaneedz.Cafe food menu SYOYU-RAMEN...Chinese noodle in soy source flaver soup MISO-RAMEN ...Chinese noodle in miso flaver soupJapaneedz.Cafe food menu Japanese traditional food OKONOMI-YAKI...Pancake of fried with various ingredients JIJIMI ...KOREAN style pancake of fried with various ingredientsJapaneedz.Cafe food menu BIGTAKOYAKI Cool JAPAN!! ...Octopus dumplingsJapaneedz.Cafe food menu RICE CHAO-FUN ...Fried rice with eggs,shrimps,etc SEAFOOD-PILAF MEXICAN JAMBLAYA OMLET-RICE ...Omlet in fried rice with tomato source CURRY RICEJapaneedz.Cafe food menu PASTA CARBONARA ...Spagetti with carbonara sourceJapaneedz.Cafe food menu BOLOGNESE ...Spagetti with meat sourceJapaneedz.Cafe food menu fly&bake FRENCH FRIES FRIED CHIKEN MIX PIZZA PENNE GRATAN ...Baked penne pasta in white sourceJapaneedz.Cafe food menu DESSERT PANCAKE WAFFLEJapaneedz.Cafe food menu Japaneedz.Cafe original POPCORN \150 Flavor +\50 Caramel / RECOMMEND Green Tea / Black Pepper Curry / Corn Potage / YUZU Peppeer RECOMMEND Seven Spices



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