An oasis for foreign tourists close by kyoto station. Hotel booking today Japaneedz.Cafe Open10:00-Close22:00 Please give call>>CLICK HERE!! 075-606-1286 Is there anything we can do for you?
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DRINK&ALCOHOL MENU Alchol \500 Softdrink \200 Beer Asahi/Budweiser Hoegaarden Carlsberg Spirits Jose Cuervo gold/silber Myerss White Bacardi White Smirnoff/Tanqueray Beefeater Wine Italy Red/White Whisky Kaku/Yamazaki/Hakusyu Four Roses/I.W. HARPERDewars/Cutty sark Jameson Canadian Club Liqeur&Cocktail CREME DE CASSIS/PECHE COINTREAU/CAMPARI STONES/KAHLUA Vermouth CINZANO Rosso/Dry On the rocks/With soda/water/softdrink Coffee Regular/Latte/Cappuccino/Espresso Ter Straight/Lemon/Milk/Green/Ooloug SoftDrink Orange/Pink Grapefruit/Cola Ginger Ale/Tonic Water/SodaWater Perrier/S.Pellegrino/Surgiva Japaneedz.Cafe original POPCORN \150 Flavor +\50 Caramel / RECOMMEND Green Tea / Black Pepper Curry / Corn Potage / YUZU Peppeer RECOMMEND Seven Spices



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